Breathe clean,
share together

Why preorder airtales?

In June 2020, the European Union has published a regulation to redirect capital flows to activities considered as sustainable.
Incentives are already in place to help companies measure the environmental costs of their business, including monitoring air quality for cleaner air in Europe.

Creating citizen network

We analizy the air you breath

We developed a sensor that measures the air quality you breathe while recommending actions to improve it and places to go where air quality is assured.

Healthy home

Share data to improve the air quality of our homes and cities.

80% Of our time indoors

9 out of 10 people Breathe poor quality air

2 or 5 times worse Inside home than outside

This is the reason we want to develop an air quality meter and create a citizen network that, by sharing data, and improve the air queality of our homes and cities



Help to reduce mortality from pollution and create sustainable cities.


Part of our ADN: Create products that are friendly and beneficial to people.

Personalised care

We accompany our clients with recommendations and advice on how to breathe quality air.


People chose us because they know we deliver good results. It´s the best marketing strategy


Innovation and the search for new solutions to environmental problems, our reasons for being here.

Passionate and Empathetic

Our daily actions as a company and as a team tend to reflect our commitment to the environment.